We offer ‘hand keys’ facilities for the treatment of solid waste, integrating both our own manufacturing machinery and third parties equipments:

  • Crushing
  • Classification
  • Separation
  • Selection
  • Transport
  • Dosage


The INCERSA products offer very high-quality standards. Likewise, we take care that our machines are optimal in terms of energy efficiency. This translates into an operation with minimal stops and with low cost, and consequently in the highest profitability for the client.


Our crushers are high performance, compact and efficient machines, capable of crushing different materials. Specifically, our TR crushers series treat the organic fraction of urban organic waste, even with high humidity.

  • Reduction of high granulometry
  • Exclusive internal heating system making cleaning easy and avoiding jams
  • Variation of granulometry according to customer needs
  • Compact and highly productive facilities
  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Adjustable breaking plates.
  • Areas subject to wear protected by interchangeable elements in special steel
  • Inspection door
  • Reinforced structure
  • Reduced and low-cost maintenance


Belt feeders or plate feeders, designed for the storage and / or the continuous and uniform dosing of different materials.

  • Length and width adapted to each need
  • Variable production
  • Reliability and regularity in production
  • Reinforced structure
  • Reduced and low-cost maintenance
  • Inspection door
  • Turn detector
  • Drums with detachable bearings
  • Rear roller turning detector
  • Special bearing housings



We have a wide range of conveyor belts with different configurations and structures, designed and dimensioned according to the customer’s needs for all the areas that are the object of our activity.

  • Vibrating Ballistic Conveyor Belts
  • Conveyor Belts for selections
  • Customized Dosing/Weighting Conveyor Belts
  • Mobile Conveyor Belts
  • Turning Conveyor Belts
  • Customized special Conveyors Belts

Products to be transported:

  • Solid urban waste
  • Industrial solid waste
  • Organic waste
  • Waste from construction and demolition
  • Aggregates
  • Recovered solid fuels
  • Paper
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Wood


Inert separation system of material in pretreatment of organic substrates for transformation and / or recovery.

Innovative yet simple system, based on the different elasticity / plasticity of the materials, allows to separate the improper materials present in the substrate flow.


  • Increases the purity of organic substrate.
  • Eliminates inerts in organic fraction of RSU and others.
  • Increased performance of subsequent processes.
  • Very tight implementation costs of the system.
  • Reduced investment repayment terms.
  • Adjustable and customizable system according to the type of material to be treated.
  • Implementable in existing facilities.
  • Compact system.
  • High profitability for the operating company.
  • Low-cost maintenance.
  • Efficient in terms of energy consumption.


The automation and processes control are key and are present in the development of all productive areas today, to allow a high degree of reliability and availability, a clear and objective operation as well as to facilitate the work of maintenance equipment involved in important asset management.

We design and implement fully integrated control systems that meet these requirements, guarantee high performance of industrial processes, making operation easy and gain productivity through state-of-the-art technologies that are used in the field of automation and industrial automatic control.

We have:

  • Electrical panels control and limitation
  • Distribution of Electrical panels, principal and partial control
  • Process automation
  • Management of processes and remote control
  • Control by PLC of any manufacturer in local or remote modes
  • continuous weighing systems
  • detectors, security systems, control, detection


We have an experienced team of engineers who make possible to provide our clients with the appropriate technical advice to each need.

By carrying out the preliminary studies and necessary alternatives, we can propose different solutions and analyzing the different technical-economic options to reach the most appropriate one in common agreement with the client and according to their criteria and priorities.


This is where INCERSA puts all its know-how at the client’s disposal. Our experience in resolving this type of situation, is our guarantee.

Many of the solids processing plants work with products that have been known for a long time, but both the machinery used for their treatment and the layout and design of the facilities do not follow the current optimization and efficiency criteria generated by the technological evolution developed in each area.

On the other hand, the appearance of the need to treat new products in different conditions, means that the facilities designed for their management have not been properly conceived due to the changing and unknown behavior of these materials. Sometimes, these products to be treated have been presented to the designers as unknown when it comes to predicting their behavior and therefore to correctly design machinery and processes.


  • We extend the useful life of your machines.
  • New technologies applied to maintenance.
  • MAINTENANCE on our and other external machines
  • Flexible Formulas


Our Maintenance Service is flexible and adapts to your productive needs. The coverage of the service is on our machines and on machinery from other manufacturers.

An efficient company, needs an efficient system of maintenance, PREVENTIVE, CORRECTIVE and PREDICTIVE.

1 – Predictive Maintenance

  • Depending on the type of machine, we undertake a series of actions and methods that are applied with the aim of detecting faults and defects.
  • We avoid emergency stops and downtime, causing negative financial impact.
  • Some of the main actions that we carry out, are:
    • Analysis of the oils condition.
    • Analysis of vibrations in gearboxes and bearings.
    • Motor tests.
    • Temperature readings.
    • Review and tests on components and securities.

2- Preventive Maintenance

  • Aimed to the conservation of the equipment or installations by means of the realization of revisions and repairs that guarantee its good operation and reliability.
  • We avoid faults in the machine before they occur.

With the maintenance sheets, our operators record the remarks at each inspection point, such as:

The consumption of engines. Bearing status. Control of working hours. Retighten screws and cleaning. Other actions upon the request of the machine.

3- Corrective Maintenance

  • We locate the defects or faults and correct them.
  • We replace the parts that harm the proper functioning of the machine.
  • We rectify the oil levels.
  • We weld the most worn areas of the machine.
  • Once all the corrective operations have been completed, a report will be prepared.

Incersa takes care of the rest:

  • We inform our Clients weekly about the status of their machines.
  • We conduct studies of operating costs.
  • We report graphic information on the number of maintenance hours of each machine.
  • We detect incidents and correct them.


We take care of everything related to spare parts of our products. For this, we have our own stock of the most important parts in our central facilities, to provide the best service as quick as possible.

Additionally, and upon demand of our customers, we have a discontinued spare manufacturing service of machinery from manufacturers that have ceased their activity.

We have a repair service for machinery with a global scope adapted to the customer’s need, to be carried out in our workshops or at the client’s home, and including in each case, replacement materials and labor.